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    Welcome to the Real Estate Industrial Complex (REIC).

    WHO IS RUNNING THIS THING? My twitter profile says it best: #Housing analyst, #realestate #appraiser, podcaster/blogger, non-economist, Miller Samuel CEO, family man, maker of snow and lobster fisherman (order varies).

    • On this site, I am the moderator, gatekeeper, key master and master of the universe. I am only interested in collecting information to create greater transparency for professionals. I am not responsible for the content shared here. If you don’t like these terms, you need to log out leave and never return. Seriously.
    • Off this site, I am a state certified real estate appraiser searching for that perfect comp.

    BACKGROUND I registered this domain in the middle of the 2003-2008 housing bubble after a commenter over at accused me of being a member of the real estate industrial complex – to that commenter, all real estate professionals were considered complicit in creating the housing bubble (even though I was publicly calling it a bubble). Their vitriol inspired me, so I registered the domain and thanked the troll for the idea.

    FORUMS For now this site is limited to one forum. Once I figure this thing out, and there is a need, I will expand the forums on a case by case basis.

    BEHAVIOR This is a place for professionals who are polite, respectful of decorum, looking to help others be more informed and trying to become more informed themselves. Trolling content will be removed.

    Getting Started

    REGISTER You must first register for an account in order post comments and add documents. By not registering, you are considered a lurker but can read all the content here. After learning about the action taken by AI National on December 20, 2016, I have removed the registration requirement on this site. You now have access to everything and can write and upload content. By the way, lurking is cool, you just can’t share documents or provide commentary. since my goal is to promote greater transparency to all industry members to be better informed, something at odds with the current AI National culture.

    “HOW TO USE THIS SITE” VIDEO The video below is a quick starter on using the forum by our super talented web developers, who whipped up this site for me at a moment’s notice – but with the December 20th action by AI National, it is no longer necessary to watch it.

    Expansion of the Scope of REIC: March 2017

    Now that The Appraisal Institute has been successfully called out for the work they have performed against the best interests of their membership, I thought it was time to expand the scope of the forum. I added “And Appraisal Industry” to the “Policies & Culture of The Appraisal Institute” title because this site was never solely about AI National. As I have said before, I am not interested in bringing down AI National. I am only interested in informing the industry that AI National has become irrelevant as a trade group (or professional organization as one critical SRA has insisted). They have become a distraction at a seminal moment in time and they insist on working against their own membership for reasons no one outside of their inner circle understand.

    Going forward I will be providing insights and documents on additional issues facing the appraisal industry such as the false narrative promoted by AMCs that there is an appraisal shortage, trainees, The Final Rule, state and federal actions and others. Despite heavy readership, this forum never operated as an actual forum due to the threatening behavior of AI National against those who spoke out.  Always feel free to post here but also please keep doing what you’ve been doing – send me documents and insights that I can look into and share when appropriate.

    Jonathan Miller
    REIC Forum Moderator

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      Love the name. Never dreamed I would be part of an industrial complex of any sort. Of course you know the first “industrial complex” was Dwight Eisenhower’s “military industrial complex”. I doubt that our industrial complex will ever reach that size and have that much influence. Thanks for setting this up.

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        Thanks Joe! Yes, I understand the background and love the name – nice that I am able to put it to good use after 9 years of holding on to the domain name.

        Jonathan Miller
        REIC Forum Moderator

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